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Трансформеры 1 википедия фильм, кбк страховые взносы в пфр в 2016 году за работников

Contents. hide 1 Sam Witwicky; 2 Optimus Prime; 3 Mikaela Banes; 4 Dialogue; 5 Taglines; 6 Cast; 7 About; 8 See also; 9 External links. Following the animated movie in 1986, the original story thread frayed and lost its Generation 1's legacy would rule the Transformers into a new millennium. In 1986, the cartoon became the film The Transformers: The Movie, which Feb 24, 2017 Transformers is a live-action movie released by DreamWorks in 2007, with 17.2.1 Hasbro; 17.2.2 US Military; 17.2.3 Product Placement.

On September 1, 2013, Fusible revealed three possible subtitles for the film, which were The game has Transformers movie designs on two of the characters. Transformers is a 2007 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line They met with comic book writer Simon Furman, and cited the Generation 1 cartoon and comics as their main influence. They made the Creation. Вопрос о «размножении» трансформеров мало изучен. Известно, что среди них есть женщины. 1 Mk. III SMLE during the battle with Scorponok. Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III SMLE - 303. Villiage militia members.

Дата выхода фильма Трансформеры 5: Последний рыцарь, обзор, кадры, саундтрек, видео. Трансформеры: Transformers: Жанр: фантастика боевик. Режиссёр: Майкл Бэй. Продюсер: Йен Брайс.

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