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Libxml2 expat pcre rtorrent и сборник эротических игр для сенсорного экрана

Feb 10, 2015 158.00s$ brew install pcre. ==> Downloading https://downloads.sf.net/project/ machomebrew/Bottles/pcre-8.36.m. curl: (60) SSL certificate. Expat; explorercanvas; ezxml; f2fs-tools; fakeroot; pcre; pcsc-lite; perf; perl; php; picocom; pixman; rtorrent; rubix; ruby; sam-ba; samba; sane-backends. Pcre-devel-8.40-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz.sig, 2017-02-15, 96 Bytes, 0, i libxml2- devel-2.9.2-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz, 2017-02-15, 1.1 MB, 2 2 weekly downloads expat-2.2.0-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz, 2016-12-06, 25.2 kB, 17 17 weekly downloads. I also added in the wiki some setting for rtorrent. By the way, until a reboot my diskstation, I wasn t able to launch the new version rtorrent installed

Packages. You will probably Expat: MIT: fabric: 1.10.2: Fabric: BSD: feedparser: 5.1.3: Universal Feed Parser (Python Module) MIT: ffmpeg: PCRE: BSD: pixman. hosts HOWTOs and ready-to-install versions of rtorrent-0.8.9. libpng, ncurses, readline, pcre, icu4c, freetype, libxml2, expat, openssl. Br2:uClibc-solibs. Depends on: bzip2 curl libiconv libtool libxml2 ncurses openssl uClibc-solibs uClibc zlib Homepage: org/ Description: br2:boost br2:bzip2 br2:db5 br2:expat br2:ffp-buildtools br2:freetype br2:gcc- solibs br2:gdbm br2:geoip Depends on: gettext libffi libiconv pcre perl python. --rtorrent-noexec -patch Patch log LIGHTTPD_ACCESS_LOG = $LIGHTTPD_LOG_DIR / access. log local configureFlags = --prefix=$PREFIX --with-openssl --with-pcre. Initial commit after forking from the official optware svn rssh rsstail rsync rtorrent rtpproxy stage expat-stage openssl-stage apr-util-stage pcre-stage. Apr 12, 2017 . Package, musl. Version, 1.1.16-r8. Description, the musl c library (libc) implementation. Project, musl-libc.org/. License Expat, 2.0.1, The Expat XML Parser. flac, 1.2.1 libxml2, 2.7.8, XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome. lzo, 2.0.6 pcre, 8.20, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions.

Apr-1.2.12-2; e2fsprogs-1.41.0-1 or ffp-base-0.5-1; expat-2.0.1-3 or ffp-base-0.5-1 sqlite and libraries from expat, gcc, libusb, libxml2, openssl, pcre, readline. Added license informations for: mxml, nanocom, empty, expat, lua, lucjson, xinetd , libpcap, libpng, libroxml, liburcu, libusb, libxml2, libxslt, lighttpd, linux, ltrace, openntpd, openssh, openssl, parted, pango, pcre, php, pixman, poco, psmisc, ( uclibc.org): #743: Add Transmission bit torrent option to buildroot. Check out few other posts on getting php-cli. Most probably php-cli needs to be compiled as there s not ipkg package. . Apache License. expat, 2.1.0, Expat, MIT . libxml2-python, 2.6.21, libxml2- python, MIT. libxmp, 4.2.7 . pcre, 8.37, PCRE, BSD . rtorrent, 0.9.2, rTorrent So here is a post of the output of pacman -Q on a fresh install of Arch Linux (autoinstaller, latest version) 3.11-1 expat 2.1.0-2 0.17-1 libxml2 2.9.1-5.

Contribute to entware-arm development by creating an account on GitHub. Libxml2-python-2.9.4, Oct 06 16, License · RPM · Source, Python bindings for the RPM · Source, Libraries and header files to develop applications using expat. hosts HOWTOs and ready-to-install versions of apps ported to SQLite3, icu, libxml, Expat, PCRE, ncurses wget -O libxml2-2.9.1.tar. Sep 22, 2016 package info: feeds/packages/lang/luaexpatCollecting package info: feeds/ packages/lang/luafilesystemCollecting package info: feeds/packages/libs/ libxml2Collecting package info: package info: feeds/packages/net/rtorrent Collecting package info: make 3 -C feeds/packages/libs/pcre compile.

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